turquoise trash (runawaygirl) wrote,
turquoise trash

a palm to palm is a palmer's kiss

i love the rain.
the pitter -patter splash! sounds,
the beautiful fresh smell it has,
the taste of it on yr lips as you
laugh yr way home in the afternoon,
&indulging the CRAZY irrepresable need to dance,
despite being completely &utterly drenched !!!
>>> black bra+ no umbrella =
white schoolblouses go see -through, you know.

it feels so good,
everything is flooded with such fabulous rich, vivid colors that make familiar places look amazingly intense &brand new.


although this time, the feeling that came
with the storm was more than overwhelming.

the heat recently has been up past the 40 degree mark& in the city here it was absolutely UNBEARABLE! it was deliciously warm at times, but most couldn't quite handle it, turning shades of bright pink to dark browns. (i don't burn, what of that? heh.) but as of late, there have been many, many bushfires on the outskirts of syd- often arson- not to mention one of the worst droughts ever for the country rural areas.

it has been absolute relief, wonder, amazement that it has finally POURED &left me drenched like it did today- hopefully also there where they need it most- because if anything that's what everyone needs right now.

rain is always a good sign. of hope, starting fresh, doing everything over again. I love new beginnings, they show so much promise, don't you think?
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