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turquoise trash

she was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene

today was INTERESTING, to say the least. ( that is nothing short of THE UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YR )  

I met up with a rather dumbfounded ex- boyfriend [ JORDAN ] early this morning to flirt, flaunt, use, abuse-- his look was absolutely priceless !!!! ( " um. wow. so, like, are you sure you don't want to, you know, hang out OR SOMETHING today?"       'oh I'm sure, honey. I'm goin' to school .. '         "since when did you go to school ! ?! !!"     WHEN I WANT TO MAKE YOU SQUIRM, BABY. ) to top it off, bought especially! in lieu of his recent dumping, I got him the h ott est!! PLAYBOY boxers, ever. --> SCORE !!

got into the HUGEST! hissyfit when our rather meek, I-will-kiss-yr-ass-because-you-told-me-to yrbook teacher told me that we had to fckn CUT one of the major features of the YRBOOK, without reason !! ! !   I was ready to take down the Principal and attack her, but Ruby wouldn't let me & spent 15mins telling me that it wasn't exactly a good idea !!!   ( she knows me too well, I think. <3<3 )   she, however, loved the feature article I wrote on her, showering endless praises -- she's retiring this yr -- which was just as well, otherwise I would have not been happy !!! she didn't know that I'd thrown the hissyfit & she was excessively nice to me, as always.     [ sometimes they just make it SO HARD! for me to stay sullen and resentful. ]   I came away unscathed &calm after I'd 'comprimised' ( i.e. stubbornly argued !! ) & agreed to cut out ONLY a section &change the end, providing she gave me more material for it too. WE ARE BRATTY BITCHES.  got pretty good references from her to the head teacher english, which is entirely not a bad thing at all, because I intend on taking the max. # of units for the adv. senior course .. yeowch. I need all the help I can get !!

LUNCHTIME: annualschooltalentquest.   there were the HOTTEST acts-- esp. my gorgeous little asian girls who did the MADDEST r &b/hip -hop dance to the MADDEST remix.   the boys didn't do so badly either; they won 2nd prize ! ?!   the judges this yr though were too harsh for our jolly little school &Mr Reis ( a teacher who is honestly, the BIGGEST bitch-- yes, I mean BITCH !!! )   kept on booing people off and cutting them off if it didn't interest him .. funny shit !!   they gave the "LAST" prize to this chick who, honestly, kept on persisting with her song &REFUSED! to get off the stage !!! prize: a wooden spoon !!         loud, rowdy & bitchy: nay made this jnr chick nxt to us cry !! ( she was saving FOUR! fckn seats for her "friends" who DIDN'T SHOW!! & wouldn't budge even if the fckn thing was HALFWAYTHROUGH! & they weren't there!   "just because yr seniors, doesn't mean you can .. !!!" &ofallthefcknthings! she starts wailing&crying&snivelling right there and then !!!   OH PLEASE! what did you expect from us, sympathy or some shit ?     we are cruel heartless bitches without a conscience- ANYONE WILL TELL YOU THAT !!!  &we couldn't back off 'cause we were being fckn nice about it, 3PEOPLE crammed onto ONESEAT!! when it's 40+ degrees outside &everyone's HOT&SWEATY ... for SHIT'S SAKE !!   get over it !   )

note -to -self: the people you hate don't necessarily hate you back, too !!!   I spent a good 1/2 an hr talking to Jackie ( jaqueline chan! ) rather civily .. charming.   I have this sneaking suspicion, however, this might not last .. nxtwk @ the formal. ( refer to previous entry )     I am ready for bitchfights &catfights, yumyumyum.

xx x xxx x x x x xx xx x x x x x

1231: I finished 2 /10+ FABULOUS christmas cards, courtesy of starjaydramaqueenproductions =EXCELLENT !! !

I expect someone to come up to me ANYDAYNOW!! &scream "stop being so apathetic/ cocky/ bratty ! !! ! ! !"
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