turquoise trash (runawaygirl) wrote,
turquoise trash

closure doesn't necessarily mean fucking me one last time

498days, 8:49pm, 298 posts.   WHAT CAN I SAY?

    there is that feeling you get with all artworks you make when you know IT IS TIME &you have finally come to the moment when you must let go: any less, it is incomplete, any more, it is OVERDONE. sometimes takes months; others, nothing more than a few days.       don't look so shocked baby: you knew it was coming all along.    I AM LIVING UP TO MY REPUTATION ONCE MORE.     [ it is runawaygirl for a reason, darling. this time, it just took me longer to runaway. ]       don't you worry though: I am not leaving. I don't think we could ever part. I JUST NEED SOME TIME, 'cause sometimes I need to remember who I do this for. set up camp somewhere, make pages again -do something more creative outside this blinking little box that I love much too dearly !! leaving me here lazily settling for nothing more. OR a new name, new identity, a new journal ? IF, if someone could spare a code ?   maybe something more. I WILL KEEP YOU POSTED.     p.s. Istillliveformyfriendspagethough, shh h h !!  so farewell, my baby. you have been so good to me. xx x x x xx   x   xuntil we meet again ..
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