turquoise trash (runawaygirl) wrote,
turquoise trash

cat fight club !

vampy rubyjane &jay
RUBYJANE is such a beautiful JEM, I lovelovelove that girl !!   spent the ENTIRE DAY! with her at the city: honestly, the strangest things happen whenever we're together. [!!!]      

xx I got hit on by a PIRATE (no, really. he had the black eye patch &even the "arrr!" thing goin' on.)
xx saw an old, old friend/STALKER of mine.   he was astounded & kept on repeating "you've changed so much!" whilst I smiled politely w. my pretty lies &know that he hasn't changed at all.
xx we were the BARGAINQUEENs !! everything was on sale!
    - ONE dr seuss top !   [ that, is honestly EXCITING! ]    $25
    - ONE pretty pink flowy top    $35
    - christmas wrapping paper @$1/ 5M !!!
    - funky photo albums [300+] @ $10/ each
    - a MICROPET (gak) for su    $19.95
    - ART SUPPLIES ( lots& lots of paper+ shit )    $4.95
    - 20M of black ribbon for ONLY $1.10 !!!
xx curiousity killed the cat: whilst in the fitting rooms, we [ very guiltily, may I add ] uh, MAY have, um, played with su's present. sortof. for40mins. ( !!! )
xx taken over by a stampede of senior citizens who wouldn't let us move.   trust me, 100+ of these adorable 80yr old grandparents looked deadly in their own little gang.
xx walked up &down GEORGE ST. [ from king st. to market city ] 5TIMESOVER, literally !!!
xx .. ALL (&more!) whilst constantly laughing hysterically at EVERYTHING&ANYTHING that seemed remotely funny at the time.
xx put my resume in at DANGERFIELD, yay! I hope I get an interview, at least: it requires previous experience, so hopefully my bullshitting will get me something.     ** I am   s tre  e tc h   i ng!   my measly 2WKS in retail to a month or two.  no biggie.
xx I am getting a CITIZENSHIP award &prizes for yrbook editor =score!   woe is me: all those months I've strolled in nearing lunchtime &saying I've been at 'yearbook', & those other times where I've wandered into yrbook well after that, saying I've been in 'class'.   school is so harsh. ;)

naomi jana J sylvie su

I am wickedly jealous of JOCASTA (CAS) PERRY. the maraschino cherry stem tongue tying type, fuck-you-&-leave-you: deadly sexy, seductive &nonchalent= the girl who knows EXACTLY what she wants and gets it. [of course]    She doesn't believe in love either-- she is a cold hearted, cynical bitch, screw-the-ending -- which simply makes her fucking amazing. SHE IS MY ROLE MODEL. mm m m.
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