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santa I've been an awful good girl this year


I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME. it is DEFINITELY (by far) my favorite time of the year, there is always so much EXCITEMENT& lots of beautiful decorations, accompanied by PRESENTS& muchmuch! PARTYING !! It never fails to make me feel like a giddy four yr old. (!!!)       christmas is love, innocence &childhood fancies manifested.   put up the tree today w/ mom& syd whilst adorned in neverending strands of pearls& other christmas decorations: red&gold this time, IT IS GORGEOUS. took a handful of leftover decorations &dressed up FRED(my cactus).        


I am TIRED, TIRED, TIRED- finally finished getting everything together for the formal today (minus hair&makeup appointments, oops?). I am making a conscious effort to be EXCITED about it, because I know that if I believe it will be complete, utter SHIT, then obviously, that's what's going to happen. now, I've accepted the fact that it will be shitshitshit &i'm getting ready to shake everything& everyone up a bit, defy that preconceived notion & have a bit of fun with that .. mm m m  m.

tell me, I'd like to know:
is there anything more to life than
family& friends
sex, parties &boys
cash$$moneycars &clothes ?

It gives you such a warm, fuzzy feeling when aquaintances remember &think of you when you least expect it.       [ although, when was I going to get to know that they were planning to go into regional dance AND have me co -choreograph it, if I didn't accidentally stumble upon her blog? ]    

I am shitty at making KEEPING promises.

It is officially summer: I have been eating magazines &watermelons up by the minute, painting pretty pictures &being too brown!  from languidly lying MUCH too long in the sun.  I have a thousand& one reasons why I feel like change is on its way ..

P.S. I think I'm in love with pictures again.  they speak with so much more eloquence than I could ever pull off.       oh, &most of these words are slyly cut&pasted from entries you can't see: there are more than you think.
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