turquoise trash (runawaygirl) wrote,
turquoise trash

sl ii i i ide left, sli i ii ii i de right !! !

EVERYTHING is driving me mad.  
city chinese botanical gardens

mood -swings to the max: I am increasingly irrate, im pati e nt .. EXTREMELYPASSIONATE: anger glows brightly, heated &intense BUT as quickly as it lights up, it burns out. I don't understand my emotions either-- I am weak, not strong: always at its mercy. I laugh hysterically without reason, sincerely FORGOT to eat anything!! for 2days & you know what? I DON'T CARE ANYMORE. I am as dramatic as you can get, baby.

xx x xx xx x xxx x x xx x

I keep my journal in my red PAUL FRANK bag =with me, going wherever I go: scrawling words &snatches of amusing conversation haphazardly over the page in purple pen on crowded train carriages in the morning. public transport truly has the most colorful characters authors cannot resist putting into twisted fairytales.

below: sarita me me me! ruby(bee) naomi.
howareyoutoday?   "I am fine, thankyou."   ( see? )      
they know me OUTSIDE -in, you know me INSIDE -out !  

exhibit A foe turned friend
exhibit B slightly tipsy
&4cocktails down, still early !!
exhibit C lastyr= babies !
looks are fucking deceiving.

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