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I <3<3 THE CITY, especially at night !! there is something exquisitely beautiful, mysterious &utterly sexy about the moon ..

fabulous, new journal= EXCELLENT.   reddish -orange, spiral bound & THICK, uh hell yeah.
my ego has been excessively overfed during the past 3 days.
xx wicked sense of fun, man. you know how to show people a great time +liven up the place.
xx you've got a great personality and have tons of self -confidence. I wish I was like you. (!!!!)
xx you are a beautiful, individual person; very creative and inspiring.
xx you have such a pretty smile !!  you laugh a lot, too.
xx you are an awesome person, extremely creative and are very passionate in everything you do. you're also very talkative.
xx outgoing, fun & fun to be with.
xx stylish- glam girl! you know how to get what you want.
xx shooot for the moon --> star --> beautiful --> kick arse chick !
xx damn girl, why are you so good? I ENVY YOU!
xx funky style, I love yr fashion sense.
xx yr always so happy and cheerful, how do you do that ?!
on the other hand, my friends are worried about me stealing naive little schoolgirls' dates nxt wednesday [OURFORMAL!] &blatantly hooking up with them, in front of them.   "only if they're worth stealing, honey."  which I suppose, if they keep on freaking out &repeating it over&over&over&over again like they do, I am quite safe in saying it must be quite a worry throughout the grade =HILARIOUS.

! !!! ! ! !! !! ! ! !! ! !my mom wants to enrol me in a summer course which, takes up 4SWEETDAYS of my vacation, goes from 9AM - 3PM AND $355 (incl. gst) rather cockily claims that I shall emerge from the seminar "confident and motivated towards [my] studies and possess powerful new strategies for speed reading, advanced understanding, summarising, memorising and revision, essay planning, stress management, time management, goal setting and correct study methods."  how do you tell yr impossibly sweet mother that this is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT !?!!  shoot me now.

my father thinks I am: his baby girl, no matter what !
my mother thinks I am: beautiful, no matter what !
my brother thinks I am: fabulous. He shows me off to all his friends, no joke.
my grandma thinks I am: a JEM, an awesome dancer- although in her opinion, not quite as grand as she was "when I was yr age !!"
my grandpa thinks I am: adorable, fiercely spirited &strong minded.
my ex- boyfriends think I am: a tease. ;P
my best friend thinks I am: passionate, wildly amusing & can have fun whenever, wherever !!

your three best qualities: I am passionate. creative. I possess the gift of laughter; always laughing.
your three worst qualities: I am easily jealous, impatient and quick to temper.
three things you are often complimented for: my charisma, my smile & my clothes !!
a compliment you got that made you blush: I don't blush, but inwardly, it would definitely be: I wish I was like you.
you get embarrassed when: you see, the thing is-- I DON'T. so sue me ;)
what makes you happy: laughter. my family. writing. life. art/ paint. shopping. fabulous friends. being chic in downtown, innercity cafes.
what upsets you: friends turned enemies. or even worse, into someone you barely even know. oh, &insecure, assuming bitches.

yes /no
you keep a diary: yes
you like to cook: the wok (+along with everything else in it) burst into flames the last time I tried.
you have a secret you have not shared with anyone: oh- so- many.
you fold your underwear: sometimes ?
you talk in your sleep: I think so. I laugh more, but that's not often either, though.
you set your watch a few minutes ahead: YES!! I need to do this, otherwise I will be even MORE! late than I always am.
you bite your fingernails: on the odd occasion.
you believe in love: I wish I did. I want to give it a 2nd chance-- but I want proof that it won't hurt me again. ( ain 't gonna happen, sweetie )   but then again, it will never come if I play this part of icequeen bitch, nor am I the kind of person to back down from something because it 's hard &it hurts. [Iamafraidofcommittment.] isn't hate merely the result of wounded love?
update: One of my former, once -really -good-now- DEFINITELY-notsogood [jealoustype] friends just called me and meekly asked if I'd like to contribute to buying one of my former, once-I-fucking-hate-you-with-a-passion-bitch-enemy turned quite amiable, possibly even better friends a formal dress because her mom [ who is apparently the devil incarnate in disguise as a strict, middle -aged, extremely Christian mother ] won't buy one for her.  FAIR ENOUGH. I said yes, I don't mind at all, although once I hung up the phone I thought-- why did it feel ever so strange that it all turned out this way in the end ?

p.s. I bought a set of brand, spankin' new OIL PASTELS yesterday and I almost ran into a beautiful little girl barely 3 feet tall! singing THE KETCHUP SONG !!!  it was - by far!! -the cutest, most adorable thing I have ever, ever seen.
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