turquoise trash (runawaygirl) wrote,
turquoise trash

there are a dozen ways to die &ten thousand ways to live

primadonna: I have OBSCENE amounts of makeup that are eating up my vanityspace. </font></p>

I am on my last $50!!!  ( I NEED A JOB. ) & I need to buy presents+cardboard+artyshit to  ma k e my Christmas cards this yr. !!!!  trust me, I'm terribly EXCITED about this: I haven't done this since I was 4 !!  </font>

peer support training today& tomorrow!  [ say what?  exclusive to hot! ha- ha -- gr11 chicks who are chosen as a leaders, to basically baby -sit the new, baby gr7 girls that come in next yr, help them settle in, make new friends &BE COOL BY ASSOCIATION !!  hah! ]  it's mad -awesome .. put into completely random groups with the "little people"  ( YES, I am aware I am a bitchwhatcha gonna do about it tho, huh huh huh !?!! ! ?? ! )  who I have found don't quite dislike me at all, are terribly nice and are rather wonderful, actually.  I <3love<3<3 compliments. ;)

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