turquoise trash (runawaygirl) wrote,
turquoise trash

measure yr popularity by the number of enemies you have !!

I hate you.  or (as I said, much more tactfully) I never liked you in the first place.  it never fails to SURPRISE me how much I truly underestimated yr willingness to go so low!! as to manipulate her like that.  _ nor did I comprehend yr lack of thought and absolute stupidity towards this.</font></p>

that's why you never confronted me in the first place, why you could only BITCH about us behind yr backs. (if only I were as low as you, I would tell you exactly why many people truly don't think much of you at all. yr patheticpatheticpathetic !! nothing better to do in yr life than bitch, don't you remember, YOU SAID SO YOURSELF !!!)  I didn't think of it at first, but you two are too afraid to take me on because if you did I would have told you exactly what people think of you & yr afraid that IT'S PROBABLY TRUE. "you can't handle the truth !!" nor are you strong enough, or confident enough to know what the point is.

it doesn't actually bother me the way you bitch, mock & hate me, because SO SUE ME- I do that to you too. we could probably have gone on mutually hating each other quite quietly, like me and sara !  [ I don't stay anywhere near her, nor does she w/ me ]  what really pissed me off is that you can't think or act rationally about it. IT'S THE fucking formal table, for SHIT'S SAKE !!!  going back to my first point, I've always hated disliked! you two, from the beginning. but you see, despite our differences, the fact that we're all really good friends with ANNIE is the ONLY reason why we're fucking stuck together on 'yr' table. I'D RATHER NOT SIT WITH YOU BITCHES EITHER!!  but the truth is, I am more reasonable than that. only for ANN'S sake am I sitting there w/ you, and for her sake am I willing to be fucking NICE about it. sulks is being fucking nice about it too and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY how you can manipulate her because truth be told she doesn't want to sit with you bitches either !!!   reality is, if you had it your way, it'd only be you 2 with yr fckn measly dates. CHARMING,  h o n e y-  just CHARMING.

I know who my friends are, and I am so fckn glad this fake plastic group charade is  O V ER.              ( why did this ever get so MESSY ?  )

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