turquoise trash (runawaygirl) wrote,
turquoise trash

to alcohol, the cause &solution to all life 's problems

I need some CHANGE around here, people. I'm restless and bored: everything down to partying feels like a chore. ( who would have thought? )  it seems like everyone's leaving me behind with their fabulous new changes in their lives [ namely boys and new places ] and I hate - rather uncharacteristically, might I add- sitting here! like this waiting for something like that to happen to me, too.

I bought my BEAUTIFUL red cocktail dress and it is ho t ttt t !! on a sidenote: I adore boutiques- chatswood =MELBOURNE. pity J won't be here to see it .. PSST- want some SCANDAL, honey?  I DON'T HAVE A BOY to take for my formal, OH MY. ( yeah, i thought you'd say that. )  shall I shake it up with a gangster boy, perhaps a thug or two ?  ha -ha. still a couple of wks tho; I'LL LET YOU KNOW. ;)

spending this friday with family, contrary to popular belief ! <3<3   TEPPENYAKI sounds excellent & picking up $ $$$ $$ on the way doesn't sound too bad, either. the girls are taking me out to lunch (SAT) & off to do pretty, girly things; not sure what's going on saturday night, but I don't want to feel OBLIGATED to party. ( I don't know what's wrong with me, either !!! ) I hope this isn't growing up, 'cause it sure ain't fun. the withering corpse of a child is an adult.

EXAMSAREFINALLYOVER!!! I am picking up the offending foot high pile of notes that literally! cover my floor (AT THAT HEIGHT!) and tossing it into the BIN. byebyebye. 4yrs worth of SHIT crammed into 2hr exams for each subject. niii ce. NXT 2 YRS: I intend to start over. I will buy a sexy organizer and sex up my schedule to fit in studying- what do you think ?(!!)     oh yea, I am slick, baby, SLIICK.       [ I amuse myself so much sometimes it can't be healthy. ]

QUESTION: what do can you do when one friend mouths off another friend? & obviously you digress & you don't appreciate what they're saying BUT I've always believed to each their own: you can have yr own opinions and judgements and I'll have mine, it doesn't change our friendship. but then, despite not participating in their gripes & rants is it wrong /bad anyhow by not defending yr other friend?  ( I hate being caught in the middle. what's a girl to do? )
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